What our clients are saying

“I was a yoyo dieter and could never really lose weight. Working with Lean for Life helped me identify why I struggled to change and lose the weight I wanted. I have now reached my short term weight loss goal and now I am setting some larger and more challenging goals.”

Renae Louise

“I met my weight loss coach and started the Lean for Life weight loss program 10 years ago, I was overweight, depressed and needed some drastic help. I managed to lose and keep off 35kg! It was a hard long journey, but my weight loss coach never gave up on me and fought for my success “

Dianne Critenden

Choose The Right Solution To Help YOU Get Lean For Life

Weight loss

A Weight Loss Coach is a "trained professional” that works in all areas of Weight Loss, they will look into your life to help you discover...

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Our workshops are designed to provide you with the information and experience that will enable you to lose weight and live the life you want. Our workshops alone have helped to...

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weight loss

Lean for Life has a variety of weight loss programs, to help every person achieve their weight loss results. All of Lean for Life’s weight loss programs are...

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What Makes Us Qualified To Help You Along Your Journey To A Leaner, Happier & More Energetic You?

First of all we are all qualified weight loss coaches, "weight loss" that's it, that's all we do "weight loss".
Second we are trained with the soul purpose to help people discover the reason why they are not losing weight, to help them set a successful plan to overcome those reasons and to support them to fulfill their goals.

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In this book you will find the 5 secret foundations that have helped all my clients’ lose weight and keep it off.