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Customers are required to provide their full name, exact billing address and other important information when ordering. Giving the email address and telephone number is optional when getting an order however will help you keep track of the location of your parcel. Make sure the information you give is accurate and true, otherwise your ordering process may get delayed, or your parcel might be sent back to us if postage information is incorrect. However, rest assured that our team will do their best to correct your order once an error occurred, however not all error’s come to our awareness before postage. If you have placed an order and realized that it’s the wrong flavor or protein source (vegan/ dairy), as long as it’s the same price and we are notified within 30min via hello@leanforlife.com.au, we will change your order for you.

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A person differs from one another, and how you react to a product may be considerably different from how people react to such a product. Nothing included in the website must be or is intended for medical treatment or diagnosis. All of the information you will find here are for the purposes of entertainment and general knowledge. Any information on the site is not advised to use for treatment or diagnosis of your health problem. It is always recommended to seek the advice of a medical or healthcare professional when considering a new nutritional or health program/treatment, or with any queries, you have in mind about your medical condition. You must carefully read the information provided on the site, or in any product packaging or label. Seeking medical advice is highly important if you are dealing with some sort of illnesses or allergies before taking any product that you have purchased from the site. Pregnant women who want to try our products should initially discuss the matter with their personal doctor or with a medical specialist.

Making changes to your diet should always be discussed with a qualified healthcare professional who knows your medical history, if you have the below medical concerns we strongly advise that you seek medical advice;

High Blood Pressure
High-stress life/ career
A family history of heart disease
Sleep apnoea
Over 45 years of age with a BMI of & 27
Pregnant or Lactating
Over the age of 65

Keto Diet Specific Precautions
When partaking in a Ketosis diet, there are added risk’s that you need to factor in, and another reason why you should consult a medical practitioner who knows your health history, if you have the below then a Ketosis diet might not be suitable for you due to its content and low carbohydrate intake and we strongly advise that you see a medical professional.

As ketosis dieting for weight loss is relatively new, we do not have enough evidence or research to advise if ketosis dieting is suitable for pregnant or lactating women or children under 18 years old.

Once again your health and life is of great importance to us, so we strongly advise to book in a quick 10min session with your GP, show them our diet guideline sheet for them to asses if you are at any risk following out Keto Lean™ program or using the KetoLean ™ products.

Side Effects
The Keto Lean Weight Loss System and the Keto Lean product’s, are considered healthy, however, some side effects can vary from participant to participant.

These side effects are generally the result of rapid weight loss, changing in diet and ketosis adjustment;

Most common
Muscle Cramps

As mentioned these side effects are due to adjustment in diet and can be treated with drinking more water and taking electrolyte supplements, they often pass in a few weeks and should not be a cause to discontinue the program.

Constipation or Diarrhea
These side effects are due to change in diet, a decrease of food consumption and at times an irritation of the bowls as it adjusts to the products. They often pass, and to overcome constipation we recommend drinking more water, walking, having more oil in your diet and if constipation still continues either take a fibre supplement or see your GP for low level laxatives.

Hair loss
Rashes (often termed keto sores)
(list uncommon major side effects)
These side effects are uncommon and often only appear after a long time on a low calorie/ low nutrient diet if you experience these symptoms you might need a rest period off the plan or consult your doctor. These symptoms can be avoided through healthy keto dieting, which includes adequate nutrients and electrolyte consumption.

Due to the nature of delivering an online program, we can not provide you with adequate advice on what’s best for your health or not, as we do not know your current or health history. We can only advise on templated weight loss strategies, of course, we factor in health as a high priority, however, we are not held responsible for your personal health and safety.

By following any of our programs, applying our advice from our website or any material or using our products you do so at your own risk, we advise that you do your own due diligence to ensure your personal health and safety is met.