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Hi, Jaxon here ...

I had an idea.

What if I could design a specialised Keto shake to not only make Keto dieting easier and more accessible for the everyday person but make it a super shake filled with all the essentials supplements of Keto dieting.

So that's exactly what I did!

ANNOUNCING! Australia’s First Vegan Keto Shake And The World's First Specialised Vegan Keto Shake ...

If you hate spending hours meal planning... you feel confused about keto or you've tried it but failed...

Then here's some good news!

Our specialised Keto Shake saves time, stress and takes all the confusion out of keto dieting.

And... It's easy to use.

Scoop, Shake & Enjoy!

It's like you get 2 hours of meal planning & nutrition in one shake.


KetoLean™ Advanced Vegan Keto Shake provides the most keto supporting ingredients in one shake than you will ever find worldwide!


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Supporting healthy cells and immune function



Key to Keto success, hormonal and
nervous system health



Avoiding muscle breakdown and increasing mood stability



Keeping your gut healthy and body performing



Avoiding Keto flu, preventing plateau, advancing hydration and aiding fat adaption



Providing you with a quick energy
source and boosting Ketones



No added sugar, fillers, artificial flavours or colours – clean, natural and quality are our values



Leaving your carb count for more important things, such as veggies or a little bit of grace for those keto treats



Preventing overconsumption of protein for macro balance



Accessible to those who are gluten-free and providing a healthier product


Under Australian Foods Safety regulations, which imported products do not need to comply with


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4.79/5 Out of 14 Reviews
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  • Vicki (verified owner)

    I’m on my last week of my 4 week plan & have managed to get through Christmas with all its temptations. I didn’t over indulge but did enjoy some home made desserts, not normally being a sweet eater. Felt guilty, but loved every mouthful of my daughter in laws Pavlova & cheesecake, but didn’t go back for seconds. Stuck to meat & salad for main course & the next day had put on a few grams, but back onto the shakes etc & so far I’ve lost 10 kilos & really happy. I’m about to order my second 4week plan & hope to report more weight loss at the end of 8 weeks. Love the shakes, I have one for breakfast every day & take one to work for lunchtime. My office has been full
    Of chocolates, mince pies, cakes & lollies & I have resisted them all (honestly) I never feel
    Hungry even at night & sometimes could go without dinner, but I only eat salad & meat & feel very fulfilled. I forgot to say I do have a glass of wine socially, but never at home & im still losing weight. Thank you Leanforlife for helping to save mine, as my weight was causing me joint pain & shortness of breath as I suffer with a chronic lung condition & being overweight is bad for me. Jess has been great in keeping in touch & I’ve really appreciated that. Thank you so much Jess & Ketolean

  • Elise (verified owner)

    I have been on these shakes for 5 days what I have noticed is that I’m not hungry for a few hours after and I don’t have the Deep hunger cravings. I have a lot more energy being consistent through the day and no more feeling low of energy around 3.30 mark. Love this product 💜

  • Sacha

    Price per kilo is too expensive otherwise I’d support this Aussie product.

  • Joanne Moussa (verified owner)

    I love the new shakes I have the vanilla, it’s very similar in flavour to the Original shake, however, the texture is better in this one.

  • Renae Louise

    I was looking for a low carb protein shake to take after working out. There are so many options to choose from and I found it so overwhelming however I decided to buy these shakes from Living Lean as they are Australian made and regulated. I am so glad I did as they taste great, mix well and honestly you can taste and feel that they are good quality. Thank you for great service, quality product and at an affordable price.

  • Nikki Gallagher

    Taste great will def be ordering again

  • Nedene Connolly

    “I love, love, love the vanilla shake because it has enabled me to keep my protein levels to an optimum and maintain my weight while enjoying lots of delicious food. I am never hungry.
    I think it is the best protein powder I have ever tried and I can’t suggest any improvements.
    I love that it is natural with no artificial colours, sweeteners or preserves.
    I use 1 scoop with a 1/2 teaspoon of coffee at about 10.00am as my morning shake, its quick and easy when I am busy at the Salon. Then I add the same amount of cacao powder to my afternoon shake at 2.45 before the after school rush. It stops me reaching for a sweet pick me up and keeps me full until I finish work at 6.00.p.m
    If I feel like something sweet at night or if I only have a light dinner I will sometime have another cacao one at about 7.30.pm
    I use just 1 scoop per 250 ml, I put cold water in first and mix with my stick blender then add hot water if it’s cold weather or just more cold .

    Thank you”

  • Nathan Martin

    I am a Tennis Coach and use this every day, put my clients on it and all my staff do the same. Couldn’t recommend a better protein.

  • Melanie Deleon

    “I’ve tried a million (well intended) diets and my excess 8kg was going nowhere. I finally decided just to cut to the chase and enrolled in the KetoLean 4 Week Program diet with Lean for Life using the Keto Shake.
    What I found:
    1. I lost weight QUICKLY
    2. I wasn’t hungry AT ALL. I thought I would struggle. But I honestly didn’t feel hungry once, they filled me up.
    3. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the plan. I enjoyed having the opportunity to just enjoy fresh veg and be creative with them. I enjoyed the guesswork being taken away from it. Just shakes (YUM BTW) and veg.
    4. Awesome product. Tastes delicious. Well priced.
    Super effective thanks, guys. !!!”

  • Lauren Snowdon

    Thank you for the fast postage..I’ve just received my 12-week package of keto shakes! And thanks so much for sending a sample … I absolutely loved the taste of the chocolate.. best-tasting shake I’ve ever had.

  • Jess

    I have tried many shakes in my time and had to hold my nose and grin to bear how yuk they tasted, I bought vanilla and I’m really impressed by how delicious it is. Happy to keep having my shakes if they taste this good!

  • Lauren

    I love these shake, tastes so amazing it’s like your having a milkshake. I couldn’t believe something that was all natural with no sugar and low carbs would taste so good, highly recommend it. I also got my husband on these shakes and the Lean for Life KetoLean diet, he lost 12.5kg and I lost 15.9kg in 6 weeks, now we are just having 1 shake per day as a way to make meal planning a little easier and keep our metabolism up.

  • Judy Apps

    I put on my SMALL size 10 skirt this morning and even this 50 yr old body look flipping amazing in it… didn’t think I would ever get back into THAT one because it is particularly fitted.  So thank you SO SO very much for hanging out with me. These shakes and the KetoLean plan is so flipping amazing and life-changing for me.

  • Jo Hart

    I have to say they are the best shakes I’ve had and been adding having 3 a day!

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    Low Carb Protein Shake 

    If you are not after weight loss but instead looking for a low carb protein shake to use in your smoothies or post- workout that will help you recover faster, keep you healthy and improve your energy, then this shake is for you.

    Keto Meal Replacement Plan 

    For those who are looking to lose weight, choose our Keto Shakes to follow our KetoLean™ 4-Week Kickstarter Program by purchasing our Power Pack.

    Keto Shake

    If you are not after weight loss but currently follow a Keto Diet, these shakes are perfect to use when you are too busy to make a meal or need something yummy as part of your Keto plan.



    We are more than a product, we are a movement – a family run business and a community. We think globally by choosing to be green and fighting modern slavery, and we think locally by keeping our products Australian* resulting in high-quality products and supporting Australians. Our desire is to make sure you don’t just have the best shake but know how to use it, so get connected with us via the JOIN US details below

    *Ingredients may be imported based on local availability; however, it’s all packed in Australia under Australian standards.



    Who are Keto Shakes great for?

    Our Keto Diet Plans and our Keto Shakes are great for anyone who is sick of the fat-loss cycle and wants to lose those unwanted kilos for good as Keto dieting ensures not only long-term fat loss but also a lasting change in body shape.

    It’s also great for those who need a little mental motivation through fast fat loss.

    Do I need to be on a Keto diet plan or Keto Shakes for the rest of my life?

    As mentioned above, Keto dieting is not something that you have to do for life.

    It’s a great tool to do a complete reset of your body, and it can be referred to as the miracle diet, as it will help reset your body back to how it was intended to be. Don’t believe me?

    Then give it a try, or check out our KetoLean Facebook group and see the testimonials from the countless members who have transformed their lives.

    Why is Keto dieting taking Australia by storm?

    The reason why Ketosis dieting is taking the world by storm is that it is "impossible" if followed correctly, not to lose weight.

    It doesn’t matter what body type you are, how old you are or what hormone imbalances you are facing, Ketosis dieting is 100% guaranteed to make you lose body fat - it’s scientifically impossible not to lose body fat.

    Then we created the KetoLean Program and Keto Shakes to make Keto dieting "every-body" friendly, which is becoming the biggest fat loss movement across Australia.

    How can I use our Keto fat loss shakes?

    • You can use our Keto Meal Replacement Shakes as a breakfast shake, replacing your breakfast if you are sick of meat or to enhance your breakfast protein levels. Most people neglect breakfast; however, it is an essential part of any diet as it will ensure your metabolism starts working first thing in the morning.
    • You can use our Keto Meal Replacement Shakes as a low carb meal replacement shake, replacing your midday snack or lunch. Most Ketosis diets only focus on eliminating carbs and increasing protein and fats, however, we encourage you to have 5-6 smaller meals over the day. This will speed up your metabolism drastically increasing your fat loss results.
    • You can replace 1, 2 or 3 meals per day with our Keto Shakes
      You can use them as a Keto protein drink to take after a workout to speed up the recovery of your muscles. Recovery is extremely important - the faster you recover, the more weight you will lose and the harder you can train next time.

    What is a Keto Shake?

    A Keto Meal Replacement Shake or a Keto Diet Shake in essence, is a low-carb meal replacement shake, providing you with a medium protein supplementation without the carbs.

    However, we have gone a little further
    and have added special Keto enhancing ingredients into our Ketogenic Protein Powder to increase your chances of entering into Ketosis and maintaining Ketosis over a longer period of time.

    This is what makes our shakes the best fat loss shakes for a Keto diet. For optimal fat loss results, we highly recommend using our Keto-Enhancing MCT Oil with our shakes.

    What does a Keto Plan look like?

    A Ketosis fat loss plan basically consists of keeping your carbohydrate levels below 20grams per day, and increasing your fat consumption says Australian Health Direct.

    This can be done by eating things such as avocado, using extra coconut or olive oil and by eating fatty meat (there are vegan options also).

    Macronutrients are important when on a Keto plan: these are Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins.

    We have taken things a little further, as we desire to guarantee fat loss and make Keto dieting 'every-body' friendly. We provide a complete plan, where the fat, protein and carbohydrate breakdown has already been calculated for you, plus we recommend two of our KetoLean Keto Shakes per day.

    Who is Ketosis dieting great for?

    Our Keto Diet Plans and our Keto Shakes are great for
    anyone who is sick of the fat-loss cycle and wants to
    lose those unwanted kilos for good as Keto dieting
    ensures not only long-term fat loss but also a lasting
    change in body shape. It’s also great for those who
    need a little mental motivation through fast fat loss.


    Special fat loss breakthrough for women 30+!

    This deserves a special mention because for women 30+, fat loss becomes a little more complicated due to natural body changes, such as hormone imbalances, menopause and your body's inability to process sugar.

    Body Fat Around Waist: In an article by the United States National Library of Medicine it states that if your waist to height ratio is more than 50%, your body has an issue with processing carbohydrates. Further to this study, if you are a female 30+ who has noticed fat gain around your waist, then you have an 80% chance that you are carb resistant and have an issue with processing carbohydrates.

    Or if you are a female entering into menopause, you are most likely carb resistant by default suggests a study done by Monash University. This means your body can’t process the sugar/carbohydrates you consume, resulting in it storing that food substance around your waist as fat.

    The good news is, going on a Ketosis diet will not only ensure you drop that fat around your waist, it will also reverse the eects of being carb resistant. If followed for 8-12 weeks, there is a high chance you will no longer be carb resistant or have issues relating to your body processing carbohydrates, so even when you go back to a normal diet, your fat won’t return!

    Our Keto Meal Replacement Shakes will help you to:

    • increase your protein intake
    • provide your body with the energy it needs while on a Ketosis diet
    • keep your carbohydrate intake low
    • ensure that you don’t fall out of Ketosis while providing you with energy for mental clarity
    • make meal planning easier, resulting in fewer slip-ups and stress
    • boost your body’s confidence to switch its energy source from sugar to fat, resulting in you transitioning into Ketosis faster so you spend less time in the low energy and high craving phase
    • ensure you recover faster when training, preventing you from being out of action for 3-5 days recovering from workouts

    Not sure about Ketosis?

    Ketosis is the only diet that is scientifically proven to guarantee fat loss for anyone who enters into a state of Ketosis!

    A state of Ketosis is where your body burns fat for fuel and can take 4 weeks to get to this stage: however, we can get you there in as little as 7 days by following our KetoLean 4-Week Kickstart Program!

    Benefits of Keto Shakes!

    • Rapid and lasting fat loss
    • Once in Ketosis, you burn fat for fuel 24/7
    • Consistent energy (no jokes - from waking to sleeping, you will have the same high energy level)
    • Reduced need for sleep (most people following our diet say they only need 6 hours sleep max)

    Don’t make Keto dieting any harder than it needs to be, and don’t put off your new life - start using our Keto Shakes today!

    Ideas on how to make our Keto Meal Replacement Shakes taste even better

    We have the best-tasting Keto Shakes available based on our customer’s feedback.

    Our shakes are creamy, smooth and just the right sweetness. However, everyone has a different palate.

    To help you adjust the taste and texture so you have a great tasting Keto Shake, you can do the following:

    • Add less shake powder to your shake or increase the liquid you use – this will dull the flavour and minimise the thickness of your shake.
    • Add more shake powder to your shake or the liquid you use – this will increase the flavour and increase the thickness of your shake.
    • Use ice-cold water or milk alternative – this will make it more refreshing and change the way your taste buds receive the flavours.
    • Use warm/hot water or milk – this will turn your shake into a yummy hot chocolate.
    • Add ice and blend it up – this will give you a frappe and change the taste altogether (this is perfect for a nightly sweet treat)

    Please Note - any testimonies made from Past Participants, we don't guarantee you will get the same results as them, because the human body is complex, some people require personalised support.

    When following any program or using any product, results may vary due to individual circumstances.

    Additional information

    Weight .420 kg

    Vanilla, Chocolate

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