4-Week Specialised Keto Power Pack

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1 x Keto Testing Strips
1 x Keto-Enhance MCT Oil
1 x Specialised Keto Shake
1 x Specialised Keto Shake
1 x Specialised Keto Shake
1 x Specialised Keto Shake
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Hi, Jaxon here...


Jaxon Calder

KetoLean Founder & Expert Weight Loss Coach 

Hi there, Jaxon here ...

Have you noticed that all of a sudden you are holding weight around your waist?

Have you put on a lot of weight and need to shift it fast?

Are you finding it impossible to lose weight – even the things you tried in the past don’t work now?


Are you looking to take your first step towards a Keto journey, but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide to walk you through a Keto dieting program?

Have you tried Keto dieting in the past but found it too hard to follow?


The Power Pack is like having a personal cook, coach and diatition all in one place!

Here's what it comes with and why it's different to anything you've ever tried before...


Our Power Pack contains everything you need to follow our Ketolean 4-Week Kickstarter Program.


28 Days of KetoLean™ Advanced Keto Shakes

28 Days of KetoLean™ Keto-Enhancing MCT Oil

28 Days of KetoLean™ Keto Testing Strips


KetoLean™ 4-Week Kickstarter Program

KetoLean™ Stress Tool Kit

Daily Coaching Emails from Jaxon




Included in your Power Pack is $399 worth of FREE gifts that you receive immediately after purchasing!


Multiple Device Access

Access to our 4-Week Keto KickStarter Program anywhere, anytime on any device – for good! Once you purchase this pack, it’s yours to use anytime you feel like you need a Keto kickstart.


Meal Plans

Simple to follow and easy to understand, designed around 9
advanced weight loss and health-boosting techniques to ensure you get results. There is no need for calorie counting, macro measurement, or meal creation –
we do it all for you.


KetoLean™ Recipes

43 easy-to-follow and quick-to-make recipes specially designed by dietitians for the everyday person who lives a busy life and doesn’t have time to cook, yet loves yummy and healthy food. Vegan, Gluten-Free and Non-Vegan Meal options are available.


KetoLean™ Personal Accountability and Self-Coaching Tools

We know transformation is more than meal plans and recipes, so we educate you on the psychology of taking measurements, before & after shots, and weighing in to prevent emotional dropouts. We also provide a Body Measurement Tracking Sheet (+ How-to Guide), Weight Tracking Sheet, Before & After Sheet (+ How-To Guide) and a Health Check Guide to ensure you stay safe.

KetoLean™ Stress Tool Kit

Stress is the number one cause of weight gain, depression, anxiety, emotional eating and diet failures, so helping you overcoming it is a key focus of ours. Over 5 videos, we teach you what stress really is, how to get stress relief, how to eliminate stress and how to prevent stress. These are essential tools to turn your life around.


Daily Coaching Emails from Jaxon

We are not new to dieting – in fact, Jaxon is a second-generation personal trainer and has been a weight loss coach since 2007. He is also the founder of KetoLean and Director of Lean for Life. So he know's that staying focused is key - you can opt-in to receive daily emails from Jaxon to help you stay on track.

The KetoLean™ KickStart Program is a hybrid between Keto Dieting and a Meal Replacement Diet... making it easy and effortless to follow.



Losing a certain amount of weight
in a specific amount of time is key
to enabling you to feel great and
believe in yourself. 


Reset your body’s health and change the way it uses sugar. So that even if you don’t continue Keto dieting after the 4 weeks, your body will be able to keep the weight off.


We get your body to burn fat instead
of sugars for energy – fat adaption is
when your body crosses that line.
It can normally take 7-plus
weeks; however, we can get
you there in 3.


Image Image
Image Image

Please Note - these are testimonies from Past Participants, we don't guarantee you will get the same results as them, because the human body is complex, some people require personalised support. When following any program or using any product, results may vary due to individual circumstances.


Follow our suggested timing, optional 4pm snack and Keto recipes to get the best out of the KickStarter program.

Drink 1 KetoLean™ Keto Shake + Keto MCT Oil


Drink 1 KetoLean™ Keto Shake + Keto MCT Oil


Have one of our KetoLean™ Snacks

4pm (Optional)


If you are hungry, have one of our KetoLean™ Snacks



Have one of our KetoLean™ Meals


How quickly will I receive everything?

If you purchase a Power Pack today, you will get everything emailed to you today, so you have immediate access to the KetoLean 4-Week KickStarter Program and all your free gifts. The products will be posted out immediate from the Sunshine Coast, so while they are on their way you can start doing the Pre-Program units in the KickStarter Program. 

What happens after the 4-week KickStarter Program?

Three things ttypically happen after the 4 weeks:

1) You give it another go - most participants are on a weight loss journey so they want to lose more than 10kg. They either repeat the 4 weeks again or go week by week until they hit their goal. 

2) You graduate - We have an 8-Week Body Tone program for you to graduate to if you have achieved your goal weight or if you only have 3-5kg more to lose. It gives you more eating flexibility, provides training programs and new meals (most popular option).

3) You continue - if you have achieved your goal weight you can either continue to follow our lifestyle program (coming soon), go your own low carb/ Keto way or just go back to normal eating. Most participants continue as KetoLean tribe members, however, remember going keto for 4 weeks will reset your body so it can process carb's, meaning you can go back to eating traditionally without the consequences, then every 3 months come back for a Kickstart. 

How do I choose Vegan Keto or None-Vegan Keto?

When you purchase a Power Pack you get access to both the Vegan and None-Vegan Keto Diets via our 4-Week KickStarter Porgram. However, in order to make sure you get the right shake, the Vegan Shakes are green and the None-Vegan Shakes are white - each one has their own Power Pack page.

How much weight should I expect to lose?

As with any diet, it's almost impossible to tell you personally what you will experoence as I don't know your current personal diet, weight, health condition, gender, age, height or lifestyle. However, most women who go on the 4- Week Kickstarter program lose between 6 - 10kg, some more and some slightly less if they don't have much to lose. I can tell you that I see it getting better results than any other diet around and you will agree once you try it. 

Do I need the MCT Oil that comes in the Power Pack if there is MCT Powder in the Specialised Keto Shake?

Yes, you do. Having extra MCT oil will give you that little extra energy it needs while transitioning away from carbs. It will also make it easier for your body to produce Ketones, as MCT Oil is easily broken down into Ketones. However, you don't need to add it to your shake if you don't want to, and you can use it in other ways such as adding it to your cofffe, shotting it or putting it over your meal. The MCT Oil will also be usefull if you need to implement any long term fasting to hack your way into Ketosis. 

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1 review for 4-Week Specialised Keto Power Pack

  1. 5 out of 5

    The shakes are AWESOME. Very easy on the tastebuds. The entire program is top notch, the meals, menu planning, education and support are the best in my lengthy experience with this type of program. The founder is available and very knowledgable. This will change your life, commit and see and feel the difference almost immediately. I highly recommend.

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