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No more wondering if you’re in Ketosis!

Take the confusion out of Keto dieting, by knowing how far into Ketosis you are or even if you’re in Ketosis at all.

Simple to use, all you need to do is “pee on a strip” and it will tell you if you are in Ketosis or not and will even tell you if you have traces, small amounts, a moderate amount or large amounts of Ketones in your urine.

Why is this important?

It takes the guesswork out of everything and leaves you knowing if you are in Ketosis or not.

Often we can eat too much protein or carbohydrates without know, or some people have different tolerance levels to the amount of sugar they can consume, so peeing on these sticks daily will allow you to see where you have gone wrong.

Want our full range?

If you are serious about transforming your body and getting into Ketosis then try our KetoLean Power Pack!

The KetoLean Power Pack contains all the products you will need for 4 Weeks and includes our KetoLean 4-Week Kickstarter Program for FREE!


Not sure about KetoLean?

Ketosis is the only diet that is scientifically proven to guarantee weight loss for anyone who enters into a state of Ketosis!
A state of Ketosis is where your body burns fat for fuel and we can get you here in as little as 7 days!

Benefits of KetoLean!

  • rapid and lasting fat loss
  • once in Ketosis, you burn fat for fuel 24/7
  • consistent energy (no joke — from waking to sleeping, you will have the same energy level)
  • reduced need for sleep (most people following our diet say they only need 6 hours sleep max)
  • don’t make Keto dieting any harder than it needs to be and don’t put off your new life — start using our Shakes today!

* When following any program or using any products, please note results may vary due to individual circumstances. The human body is complex, and some people require personalised support.

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