Jaxon Calder

CEO Lean for Life, Health and Weight loss coach.


Jaxon has been one of Australia’s leading health and weight loss coaches for the last 11 years and he is also the director of Lean for Life, which is ranked in Australia’s top 3 weight loss companies.

In 2005, he followed in his mother’s and father’s footsteps by becoming a personal trainer, and during his career as a PT, he realised that his passion was not just to train people but to help them transform their lives through focusing on their mind, lifestyle, community and nutrition.

Jaxon resides on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland where he loves nothing more than being adventurous with his family of 5.


Jaxon now specialises in keto dieting, health and weight loss for women 40+, the psychology and lifestyle behind health and weight management, and is leading Australia’s biggest women’s health movement, Lean for Life.

From humble beginnings of a health and weight loss “how-to guide”, Lean for Life now impacts the lives of thousands of women yearly through health education, products and communities.