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Live and Love Life

We believe that life should be lived… lived with adventure, freedom, passion, purpose and excitement. 

We also believe that life should be loved… you should love the life you live, love your body and love who you are.

Everything we do at Lean for Life is targeted towards helping you live and love your life! 



We live in an information age, sadly, however, this can mean an overload of confusing information, especially when it comes to “how to lose weight”. So we have made it our obligation to provide clear and practical weight loss information that you can trust in, to ensure you lose weight.

You can find all this information via our blogs and free resources. 



Choosing the right product to help you on your diet and increase your health can be harder than transforming your body its self, however, we have done the hard work for you. All of our shakes and products have been carefully created to ensure you get the best results. 

We are programing specialists, which means our products are crafted to suit all your needs, low calories, ketosis, menopause, women 40+, insulin resistant and the list goes on. 



Community is a strong value of ours because we know that it’s a core pillar you need to lose weight and continue to live a healthy life. Inspiration, encouragement, advice, support and adventure are all part of a healthy community. 

We focus on making Lean for Life a positive and safe place for you to come to be encouraged and equipped to lose weight and live a healhty life. 

Where we Started

Lean for Life was started in 2004 at a local gym in Melbourne. It was designed by Daryle Calder a Personal Trainer and Health Club owner, to be a Healthy Living program, with the objective to make healthy living and weight loss achievable for the every day busy person. 

Due to its success and simplicity, the Lean for Life Program spread across Australia and was used by Gyms, Personal trainers and as a take-home program. 

In 2005 Daryle’s son Jaxon followed his family’s footsteps by becoming a Personal trainer and eventually took over Lean for Life with his wife Jess as they both saw the potential it had to transform lives. 

Where are we Now?

Lean for Life is now a Health and Weight Loss company across Australia and New Zealand, helping women age 40+ lose weight, overcome life challenges, regain their health and start living life again. 

From humble beginnings of a Health and Weight Loss “how-to guide”, Lean for Life now impacts the lives of thousands of women yearly through Health and Weight loss education, products and communities. 

Meet The family!

Lean for Life is owned and operated by Jaxon and Jessica Calder on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

“We are family focused, as you can see. And this is how we run Lean for Life- one big family, we never separate ourselves from our clients or customers, in fact, we pride ourselves that you can have complete access to us at any time.”

“What you see in Lean for Life is practised in our own family, we have tried all the diets (trust me just ask the kids), we personally test, develop and use our products, we are extremely adventurous and community focused (our house is always full).”

“Most importantly we know how hard and confusing life can get, that’s why no matter how hard our life gets we push through so we can help you live the life you want.”