Are you looking to lose weight?
Have you tried diets before but can’t seem to keep it off?
Have you spent a lot of money training but never seemed to get any results?

This special event is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight, tried to lose weight but can’t and those who are stuck feeling hopeless and don’t know what to do.
Enjoy a wonderful workshop where you will be inspired, educated and provided with resources to help you lose real weight, keep it off and live the life you want.

What You Will Take Away:

- Learn industry leading and scientifically proven knowledge on how to lose real amounts of weight

- Get inspired by real life weight loss stories

- Get connected to amazing weight loss coaches who can give you personal advice

- Take away free tools, resources and a personalised plan on how to eat to lose weight, how to train to lose weight and how to tackle your mind and lose weight.

- A new hope and identity

Session 1:  Nutrition behind Weight Loss (for the everyday person)

Our first session is a power packed session filled with scientific, industry leading and practical information on weight loss.

We will discuss what makes up the food we eat, what it does to our body and how it turns to fat, we will uncover what calories are, how our body uses them and show you little secrets to manage your calories without the painful task of calorie counting.

We will show you transforming tips on how to eat for weight loss, meal timing in order to speed up your body’s natural way of burning body fat, what size your meals should be to maximise your weight loss, the best times to eat and how to choose the right content for your meals to speed up your weight loss process.

We unravel your eating strategy and help you discover why you are putting on weight.

By the end of this session you will have a deep understanding on what is making you overweight, what is preventing you from losing weight and have your very own personalised eating plan.

Session 2:
Exercise behind Weight Loss
(for the time poor)

Exercising for weight loss is completely different to exercising for fitness, muscle gain, toning or performance. In this session we will talk specifically about exercising for weight loss.

We will teach you how to strength train for weight loss, what fat burning sessions look like and walk you through a process on how to create your very own training program and schedule.

After this session you will have a good understanding on what it actually means to exercise for weight loss, you will have your own training program that you can do in a gym or at home and most of all a plan to show you how you can exercise for weight loss for under 1.5 hours a week.

Session 3:  The Mind behind Weight Loss
(why you are still overweight)

This is the exciting part of the workshop that everyone has been asking for- where we look at the mind behind weight loss and unravel the reason why you are still overweight or struggling to keep it off.

The information shared in this part of the workshop is still untouched and unknown by most weight loss services. This is the secret behind why Lean for Life is so successful at helping people who never thought it was possible to lose weight, at helping change the lives of people who have struggled their whole life with the rollercoaster of weight loss and we will share the true secret of how we help people live the life they really want.

You unravel what it means to be in and how to get into a weight loss state of mind, we look at your weight loss failure strategies and dig deep into the fear behind your weight issues.

By the end of this session you will feel like you have just had a second chance at changing your life, a new understanding of who you are and who you can be and a real fighting chance of losing weight.