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NEW! Weight Loss Shake + 9 Fat Burning Ingredients


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You’ve really never tried anything like this!

This breakthrough formula simultaneously triggers extreme fat loss by combining 9 of the most effective fat burning ingredients world wide, increasing metabolism and taking fat burning to the next level. The natural all in one formula relies on a multi-level system of metabolic interactions, which operate in sequence to dramatically enhance the metabolic rate into overdrive.

100% free from artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives. Plus it is combined with the most natural and high quality Whey Protein available, creating the perfect weight loss meal replacement.

Australian Made under Australian Regulations and Guidelines.

Our 9 Fat Burning Ingredients

Helps balanced hormone production, dealing with stress, anxiety and depression that prevent weight loss.

Breaks down fat into usable energy; helps you burning fat instead of storing it.

Is the golden key to anxiety control and stress management, it also reduces the fat increasing hormone “cortisol” which makes it perfect for a famle weight loss aid. It also helps your body use fat quickly, lowers insulin levels preventing fat gain from Carbs, improves brain function and sleep.

Garcinia Cambogia
Suppresses your appetite and increases hormones that prevent emotional eating. Prevents and limits your body from making fat out of the food you eat.

African Mango Extract
This supplement is receiving praise for it’s ability to promote reduction in body fat, weight, waist circumference and other heath benefits.

Raspberry Ketones
Produces hormones that increase the rate your body burns fat and also reduces your appetite at the same time. Raspberry Ketones praised world wide fro their weight loss impact.

Green Coffee Extract
Has been known as the miracle weight loss supplement, proven to greatly increase body fat loss and to increase your  metabolism.

Promotes the loss of internal belly fat, increase in lean muscle and prevention in muscle loss. It is also perfect to prevent muscle soreness.

Prevents fatigue, promotes alertness and increases your bodies thermogenic levels helping you burn fat and oxidise fat cells.


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