Why Join leanforlife?

We are committed to helping you achieve the results you have set out for and helping you live the life you want. So we have created a membership option in order for you to stay connected into our weight loss and healthy living community.

We have three membership levels, so no matter where you are in your weight loss journey or life, we’ve got a membership perfect for you.

Choose a membership option that fits you, then once you have registered we will give you a call to welcome you as a new member, get you connected in with a community encourager in your local area, then start the next journey of your life with you.

Our Membership Options

What membership option is for me?

Basic Membership
The Basic Membership is designed for those who have achieved their ideal weight, are confident in maintaining it but would still like to be plugged into a healthy and inspiring community as well as having membership reward discounts if ever they were to do another challenge, course, workshop, event, retreat or purchase our weight loss and healthy living products.

Connect+ Membership
The Connect+ Membership is designed for those who have completed a challenge however want to continue being connected into a community of people who are focused on living healthy and getting the most out of their life. This membership is suited to both those who have achieved their weight loss goal and now want to achieve something greater or those who are still wanting to lose more weight and continue to adjust their life habits.

Support Membership
The Support Membership is designed for people wanting to take things a bit further to ensure they stay on track, achieve maximum results and limit the time wasted by losing focus, slipping up and questioning the reason why.

Some more details on…

Membership Basics 

The Monthly Adventure Days are organised by your local community leader where you can get together with the Lean for Life community to experience life, nature and have fun. The adventure days come with varied intensity options and are open to your whole family so we can all enjoy a more active and fitter life. The Adventure Days will be held in multiple locations and you can choose to join other groups if you like.

The Weekly Local Support Meet up’s are optional extras where you can meet up with Lean for Life members in your area for a workout session or just a walk. The meet up’s are designed to encourage our members to do things together and provide a way to take the online community into a local support group. Your local support meet up’s can be run by your local community encourager or by another Lean for Life member.

In these publications you will receive real and practical weight loss and healthy living advice. In our publications you will receive useful tips on the Mindset, Lifestyle, Community, Nutrition and Activity behind weight loss in a practical and impacting way.

Membership Discounts 
Being a member you receive discounts on most of our products and services, we do this because we want you to feel special for being a Lean for Life member and reward you with VIP access

We have and are continually developing a weight loss and healthy living range to provide quality products for our members, participants and customers. We ensure our products meet our ethical standard, are natural and free from any bad things

We currently only run weight loss challenges, however we are continually developing new challenges, programs and courses and will be implementing them soon. They will vary from short detoxes, toning challenges to longer weight loss and healthy living educational courses

As we are continually seeking to inspire and encourage the community to lose weight and live healthy we are always running short workshops that members and their guests have special access to.

We will be running weekend and week long retreats coming into 2017. The retreats will be based on holistic detoxing, transformation and some retreats will include adventure and breaking fears

Members have access to a heavily discounted first session with a weight loss coach as we believe every weight loss journey will need a session with a weight loss coach

Lean for Life Core Community 

The Monthly Video Calls take community to the next level, these calls are where you get together to discuss life and check in on how your progress/ results/ maintenance is going. They are essential to ensuring you receive the support needed to maintain a healthy and active life. We all know life gets busy and struggles come but with these group calls you can endure the storm.

These groups provide friendship, encouragement, accountability, knowledge and information. On joining you will be added to a private facebook group, where you can immediately find a place of like-minded people wanting to maintain a life of health and happiness.

Extra Support  

The encouragement and accountability calls have been designed to offer you the next level in your weight loss experience. Your community encourager will call you monthly to check in on your progress and work with you to set new a focus so that you can stay on track. These calls are perfect for people that need the extra support to prevent slip ups, distractions, giving up and those nasty thoughts of ‘why am I doing this?’.

Choose a membership option that suits you and join us for a fun, healthy and more enjoyable 2017.