That’s why we exist, what we breath and what makes our heart beat.

Where Did We Start?

In 2004 Daryle Calder started the Lean for Life Program in a Local Melbourne Health Club, with the desire to equip his Personal Trainers to help gym members lose weight and live a fuller and healthier life.

The program soon took popularity and for the next 10 years was used in hundreds of gyms and personal training studios all over Australia to help people lose weight and live a fuller and healthier life.

In 2005 Jaxon Calder (Daryle’s son) joined the team as a personal trainer and for 10 years developed the Lean for Life Program into what it is today.

Daryl Calder

Where Are We Now?

We are now a Weight Loss company impacting thousands of people globally through our community groups, our professionally trained weight loss coaches, our life changing workshops and our Lean for Life philosophy.

Community Groups

Part of Lean for Life’s passion is to see communities working together to help each other lose weight, we do this by equipping members of the community, “you”, to run a local weight loss group. (Run a Group Now)

Weight Loss Coaches

We are committed to rising up weight loss coaches skilled in “weight loss” that’s it, and to transform peoples lives. (Become a coach now)


Lean for Life workshops are life changing, we believe that weight loss comes through growing you as a person. We have multiple workshops from our broader Lean for Life philosophy to specialised workshops digging deep into the mind behind weight loss. (Enquire of upcoming workshops)

Lean for Life Philosophy

The reason no weight loss company comes close to Lean for Life is because our weight loss and life transformation philosophy goes beyond nutrition and training where most companies stop. We work on the Mindset, the Community, the Lifestyle, Nutrition and Activity behind weight loss a 5 deep philosophy. (Discover More about the Lean for Life Philosophy)

Who Are We?

Our Team consist of people all over the world, however Lean for Life is still humbly inspired by a family on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.


10 years ago Jessica and Jaxon met at a local gym they were both working at, nine months later they were married and from that date on they have worked together in and on the Health, Fitness and Weight Loss industry alongside their family of four children.


Jaxon Calder

Jaxon is a second generation personal trainer and health club owner and now CEO of Lean for Life, Jaxon spends most of his time discovering the WHY behind weight and life issues and has an annoying convicting passion to do something about it.


Jessica Calder

Jess has a Human Movement and Exercise Science degree and is a qualified weight loss coach, Jess spends most of her time working closely with our team and specialises in weight loss for females, mothers, middle aged women and weight loss for the ageing female.

Jaxon and Jessica Calder