Lose up to 10+kg in just 6 weeks

I want to help a selected group of people lose up to 10kg+ in just 6 weeks so they can change their lives for good.


My name is Jaxon, husband to a loving wife and father to 3 (soon to be 4) children. I’m a second generation Personal Trainer plus a weight loss coach. I have a passion to help people live the life they want and I do this through helping them lose weight. I created these 6 week challenges to help people lose mass amounts of weight so they can be kick started towards their weight loss goals.

The reason I did this is because I knew that if I can give people a boost in results, that will equal to a boost in confidence and a boost in life quality.  We have courses and memberships to help people live a happy and healthy life, but these 6 week challenges are designed for one purpose - mass weight loss in a supportive and encouraging community.

Just imagine…

  • Achieving your new year goal in just 6 weeks
  • Starting the year off with Success and Support
  • Feeling Happier, Healthier and more energetic throughout 2017
  • Not only losing weight but building friendships with like minded people
  • Joining a community that truly cares for you
  • And most importantly starting to enjoy yourself and life again

Fact is it’s all possible – and it’s actually easier than you think to achieve these goals.

Week One Results from some of our participants

Week 1: Down 3.1kg and Ramon down 3kg, Yay thanks Jax.

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My weekly goal is 1.7kg, I have lost 3kg in week 1! Looking forward to week 2.

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Good morning all. I just weighed in.... I love good surprises!! Loss this week is 2.1kg. Clothes looser & sleeping better.

Chryle Osborne
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Week 1 down 4.3kg

Hayley McKinnon
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Week 1 down 5kg. Woohoo

Donna Wood
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Very Happy with my 3.5kg loss.

Caroline Perks
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Week 1

Me = Loss 6kg

Husband = Loss 5kg

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Woo hoo ! Reached my goal of 2kg weight loss for week 1, definitely feeling better, clothes fit a little better- onto week 2

Linda Sumerton
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Week 1 weigh in......total of 14 cms lost and down 4.7kg!!!!!

Sarah Duke
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Down 3.1kgs in one week of Lean for Life

Cristy Bongiorno
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I have achieved 4kg weight lose with 8cm off my waist.

Lindi Mendham
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Here's How You Are Going To Achieve This Same Success Over The Coming 6 Weeks!

The most powerful and impacting way that helps you lose weight is our community of participants, community encouragers, weight loss coaches and facilitators all focused on making these next 6 weeks as impacting as possible.

Secondly, our diet plans have helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss and health goals for over 15 years, you will have the opportunity to choose out of 4 diet plans which one is best suited for your needs, lifestyle and requirements.

Thirdly, our activity plans are designed to help adopt a healthy and lean lifestyle back into your life, while our workout plans are designed with the sole purpose of helping you strip body fat.

Lastly, throughout the challenges via our facebook community, video calls and meets ups we focus on building you into a healthy and stronger person so that after the 6 weeks you can continue to live the life you have achieved.

When you sign up to my 10KG in 6 Weeks Program you'll receive:

  • Lean for Life Overview Booklet (covering the Mind, Community, Activity, Nutrition and Activity of Weight Loss)
  • Self Completion Health & Fitness Assessment
  • Self Completion Measurement Guide & Workbook
  • Activity and Workout Guide
  • Workout How to Videos
  • Nutrition Course Guide
  • Six Week Eating Plan (Choose from 4 options - Ketosis Plan, Balanced Eating Plan, Juice Diet Plan, Meal Replacement Plan)
  • Weight Loss Success Journal (Goal Planner, Calendar Planner, Vision board, a day in your life planner, bigger picture planner, daily eating and training planner)
  • Call from one of our Weight Loss Encouragers (on sign up)
  • Daily Motivational Videos
  • 10kg challenge Private Facebook Group Access
  • Weekly Group Video Calls to hear what other people are doing and get personalised feedback
  • Discounted access to a Weight Loss Coach (to work privately with you to overcome deep rooted struggles and mental barriers)
  • Personal Weekly Encouragement Calls

How does the Course work?

Once you register you will be given access to our 6 Week Membership Platform where you will have access to all the course material.

You will be added to our Facebook Weight Loss Group and our Video Calls

A Weight Loss Coach will make contact with you

I will walk this journey out with you day by day, through our facebook groups, online membership and video calls.


What Exercise Programs are Involved?

There will be three varied exercise programs, starting from beginner, intermediate to advanced.

You will be given a Workout Guide, an Activity Guide and an Adventure Guide.

All exercise programs will tailor in the fact that you are dieting and have a limited energy factor.

The workouts will focus on Fat Burning Exercise only.

The Program will tailor for all fitness levels and physical restrictions (we specialise in extreme beginners)


What do the Eating Plans Involve?

We cater for all dietary requirements, intolerances, restrictions and preferences.

You can Choose from a Ketosis Diet, a Balanced Eating Diet, A Juice Diet or a Meal Replacement Diet. You can even swap and choose along the way based on your results and what you want to get out of these 6 weeks.

We provide diet guidelines, meal plans, recipes and the ability to adjust all of our diets into a DIY plan.

Results to expect after 6 weeks doing our program!

The below results only capture the numbers, however the true results are found in the stories of these amazing people and others who have received true life transformation.

Sarah Dukes


Sarah Dukes
Cristy Bongiorno


Cristy Bongiorno
Lauren Pitrelli


Lauren Pitrelli
Krist Webster-Lawson


Krist Webster-Lawson
Renae Louis

First time 10kg, second time 4kg.. Total 14kg

Renae Louis
Linda Summerton


Linda Summerton
Katherine Torbit


Katherine Torbit
Lindi Mendham


Lindi Mendham
Leanne Woff


Leanne Woff
Caroline Perks


Caroline Perks
Adele Fisher


Adele Fisher

When does our next Program Start?

We run these 6 week challenged 5 times a year, in between challenges we are continually running weight loss workshops, weight loss discovery sessions and much more. So please enquire now so we can get you set up for our next challenge.

ENTER DETAILS BELOW to enquire about joining our 6 week challenge!